If you are using MacOSX Tiger and Corel Painter, you want to download the Corel Painter Spotlight Plugin. It allows Spotlight to search inside your Painter files, and that is really awesome.

But it has a small problem: Spotlight classifies Painter files as «Documents» rather than «Images».

I have written a small patch that will add "public.image" to the Spotlight Importer's plist, and that makes Painter documents show up as images.

Simply download the patch and double-click the package it contains. The Installer will launch, prompt you for your admin password, and replace the plist.

Use at your own risk

While every effort is made for this software patch to be bug-free, there are no guarantees, either expressed or implied

Philippe Casgrain is not responsible for the behavior of your computer, either before or after installing this patch

If you want to download the patch, there are two options: